With nearly 30 years PM experience Nicole Anstiss is the General Manager of Harcourts Hamilton Rentals based in New Zealand, managing a big team with ...View Details

Melanie Dennis is a director at Domain and Co. based In Melbourne Victoria and is one of the most awarded property managers in Australia, running a dy...View Details

Darren Hunter, Shadi Salehpour and Kelley Seaton share NINE KEY ACTIONS you can do to take your rental department from fifth to first gear over the Ch...View Details

Evicting a tenant is one of the worst things that can happen in Property Management. It's been said that ‘an eviction is like a packet of cigarettes a...View Details

It’s been said that difficult ‘C-Class Property Owners’ are like a pack of cigarettes and can take years off your life! There are not many factors tha...View Details

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